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Servicing Coffee Machines


We believe that any servicing required to maintain your machine is preventative rather than restorative:

Other than the daily and weekly maintenance of keeping your machine clean and back-flushed we recommend a regular service by changing the Shower screens and seals (at least annually and often 3-6 monthly on a heavy use commercial machine) along with having the pump pressure, boiler water level, filter baskets/springs and valves checked and cleaned to ensure all are operating at their optimum level.

Queenstown Master ElectricianOften the maintenance is left until the machine stops operating or is leaking everywhere and a whole host of problems present themselves when starting the repair. Seek help when the first signs of deterioration occur eg: leaking around the basket or group head, loud hissing noises, more water than normal leaking into the bottom of tray etc.

To brew the best coffee from your machine it is important that the following combinations are correct:

* water quality & pressure * pump extraction & pressure
* correct boiler temperature * clean fitted seals, showers, filters and baskets * consistent barista * correct grind

If any of the above factors are not functioning to the best of its ability then you will extract sub-standard coffee and not be getting the best results from your Coffee Machine.

We stock a wide range of parts in our onsite workshop and can also source parts not readily available through other commercial channels and contacts.

All of our Technicians are qualified Master Electricians and are updating there training when possible. We want to give you the most professional assistance that we can.

With Coffeefix now a division of Tansley Electrical we have branches in Invercargill, Dunedin and Queenstown. Our ever expanding service area at present covers Oamaru to Stewart Island.

If you need any help with your machine or would like to ascertain whether it is economic to repair please call us to discuss.